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SUMMER 2017 NOTICE TO ALL RETAILERS AND GROWERS: Our Partner and production grower, Possum Run Greenhouses is no longer in business - Possum Run Greenhouses is for sale and Mulberry Miniatures is looking for a new production grower. Until we find a new production grower, Mulberry Miniature plants will not be available.

Welcome to Mulberry Miniatures, your one-stop website to help you be successful with this fun, magical, and learning miniature gardening hobby. You will find true and easily pruned miniature trees, shrubs and groundcovers to create most any tiny scenery. For Faery or G-Scale gardening, alpine troughs or bonsai, enter into our miniature plant kingdom. Here you will find the largest collection of scale-size plants.

Are you ready to be amazed?
Click here to download PDF version of Mulberry Miniatures catalog! or explore our website to view the world's largest collection of miniature fairy plants by hardiness

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