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Mulberry Miniatures has Perfection Greenhouse in New Washington Ohio as a fantastic grower. Look for Mulberry Miniature plants at your favorite retailer.

Halloween, is my second favorite holiday of the year, as it is with most people. This group of miniatures were chosen for their extra dark or white appearance and look their best with the GeorgetownUSA ( line of halloween garden accessories. A partial selection is photographed in the following entries. All appreciate as much sun as you can give them in the fall and the following months.

Plants like, “Chocolate Sedge” and “WhiteStar Carpet” are borrowed from "Hardy Shade" and adapt to the higher light conditions of major of the plants which come from the "Tropical Summer" collection.

For southeastern gardeners, these plants will most likely be winter annuals, as they will have a tough time during the summer humidity, but you may have some surprising successes. Only the faeries will tell. Northern Gardeners, these plants will grow great in sunny, cold, drafty windows for the winter months, to be placed outside for growing season, even before your frost-free date. Fertilize monthly with an organic fertilizer to keep plants toned up.

Coleus, Mini Maple-Leaf & Red Champion FairyColeus, Mini Maple-Leaf & Red Champion Fairy

Grow in sunniest location to prevent green splotches from appearing under low light conditions. Remove growing tips to keep tree tight and bushy which allows branches to strenghen and grow upright.
Size: Tree 9"tall X 9"tall
Flowering Time: N/A
Zone: 9-11

Coprosma, Cappuccino & Nasturium FairyCoprosma, Cappuccino & Nasturium Fairy

Upright and narrow like a miniature poplar tree, these coffee colored leaves provide a shady resting spot for our Nasturium Fairy to take a break. Cut off fast growing tips to keep shaped.
Size: Tree 9” tall x 5” wide
Flowering Time: N/A
Zone: 8 - 11

Elfin Herb & Elf FairyElfin Herb & Elf Fairy

“Is there a time when you aren’t blooming?” Even when they’re brought indoors in the winter, they may bloom occasionally. Remove growing tips to keep tree strong and bushy.
Size: Tree 12"tall X 12"wide
Flowering Time: spring-fall
Zone: 8 -11

Erodium, Faery White & Rose FairyErodium, Faery White & Rose Fairy

Consider this an old-fashioned, white, single flowering rose shrub in a containerized miniature landscape, faery garden or garden railroad setting.
Size: Shrub 4"tall X 5"wide
Flowering Time: spring-winter
Zone: 7-11

Faery Fern, Platt's Black & Bird's Foot Trefoil FairyFaery Fern, Platt's Black & Bird's Foot Trefoil Fairy

“I’m going to get a little sun on my legs this morning. I could use a tan.” ‘Platt’s Black’ likes morning sun to bring out its colors (of black and green) too.
Size: Groundcover 1"tall X 6"wide
Flowering Time: spring-summer
Zone: 5-11

Ivy, Mini Easter & Nasturium FairyIvy, Mini Easter & Nasturium Fairy

“Look at me- up in the tree.” The bold colors of the “Nasturtium Fairy” contrast perfectly with the bright white edges that trace each leaf like a halo. Find this and other ivies in the hardy shade section
Size: Vine 8"wide
Flowering Time: N/A
Zone: 5b-11

Jade, Tiny Bush & Elderberry FairyJade, Tiny Bush & Elderberry Fairy

“Your leaves are as dark as my berries once the summer sun has its way” Tiny, yellow, star-shaped flowers complement the dark or green foliage that comes back in winter. Easy to divide, just do not over water.
Size: Shrub 2"tall X 5"wide
Flowering Time: spring
Zone: 8 -11

Mondo Grass, Dwarf & Orchis FairyMondo Grass, Dwarf & Orchis Fairy

“Are you up to mischief?” Few things can damage this rugged grass so I’m betting the “Orchis Faery” is looking for the sapphire blue fruit in the winter. “The fruit kinda resembles tiny, dyed easter eggs!”
Size: Shrub 2"tall X 4"wide
Flowering Time: summer
Zone: 5 - 8

Mondo Grass, White Sparkler & Lily of the Vallley FairyMondo Grass, White Sparkler & Lily of the Vallley Fairy

Like 4th of July sparklers, the white blooms are bright white and leaves are thinner and more delicate than “Dwarf” above. Very dry shade tolerant.
Size: Shrub 3"tall X 4"wide
Flowering Time: summer
Zone: 5 - 8

Pomegranate, Dwarf & Scarlet Pimpernel FairyPomegranate, Dwarf & Scarlet Pimpernel Fairy

Not the best place for this faery to hide since that fruit is about ready to be picked. Add to that a bit of tip pruning, sun and fertilizer and you’ll have non-stop blooms and eventually many more pomegranate crops.
Size: Tree 12"tall X12 "wide
Flowering Time: spring-fall
Zone: 10 -11

Santolina, Pretty Polly & Lilac FairySantolina, Pretty Polly & Lilac Fairy

“Oh, you smell funny and nice and you keep away the mice.” Their larger cousins are known as a moth repellent but this dwarf is reputed to deter four legged critters from the garden.
Size: Shrub 6” tall X 6” wide
Flowering Time: summer
Zone: 5 - 9

Sedge, Chocolate & Nasturium FairySedge, Chocolate & Nasturium Fairy

“Don’t be fooled,” says the “Nasturium Faery,” this sedge is only chocolate in color not flavor. Though not edible, it’s a conversation starter all the way to Halloween when it gets the spooky name “Dead Sedge”.
Size: Shrub 2"tall X 4"wide
Flowering Time: summer
Zone: 5 - 11

Star Carpet, Alpine White & Lily of the Valley FairyStar Carpet, Alpine White & Lily of the Valley Fairy

No need to wait until dark. You can count on these stars to bloom all summer. Encourage more blooming and shorter growth with afternoon sun too. You’ll need to water more frequently; never allow it to dry out.
Size: Groundcover 1"tall X 6"wide
Flowering Time: spring-fall
Zone: 5b-11