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Mulberry Miniatures has Perfection Greenhouse in New Washington Ohio as a fantastic grower. Look for Mulberry Miniature plants at your favorite retailer.

Harmony Plant Collections are cultural groups of different plants that grow in harmony with one another. When creating a miniature garden, for success- all plants should be culturally the same.
  • These following web pages are grouped by cultural types and will show you many of the miniature plants we have in various stages of production. By no means are all these plants available from your local Garden Center or the growers that supply them - but please, encourage your local garden center to carry appropriate selections for your area so that you can enjoy all that the miniature world of plants has to offer. Note that a few plants will not thrive in some regions and therefore will not be available where you are located. For example, many in the Harmony "Hardy" collections do poorly in the humid southern states.
  • Our website is a reference guide for miniature plants that are actually available, even though they may not be appropriate for your climate - keep in mind that there's no reason you can't create, for any of these miniatures plants, the proper conditions to thrive. Please enjoy the Mulberry Miniatures collection of miniature plants within each of their Harmony Plant Collections and know that every planting begins with you and starts a story you'll be glad to share with others!